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A Mukwonago Man Wins $1 Million Bingo at Potawatomi Hotel And Casino

bingo 1million winEver imagine waking up to a whopping $1 million in your bank account? What would you do? Buy an island in an ocean and wake up every day to a beautiful site of blue waters as you feel the cool breeze?
Or take your family out and tour all the beautiful places in the entire world, having a taste of different foods in different parts of the world?

Better still buy different types of the latest fancy cars that you have been dreaming about. That is if you are a car fanatic.

You can decide to spend it in whatever way you like, well you had it right, spend it as you please since its all yours at your disposal.

Well, many slots offer extra significant progressive jackpots. Amazingly, this is a one of the seasons where luck comes knocking in some players’ doors around the world.

Monday the 11th of February 2019 every man's dream became true for one Mr. David H. After spinning the all-star Bingo wheel at Potawatomi hotel and casino, he won a whopping $1 million. It's unbelievable, but yes, he won such a large amount. It is the most substantial bingo price to have ever been won at the casino.

How Did He win?

The question on everyone mind is," How did he manage? "Many would like to understand how to try their luck. David qualified after he filled out his Bingo card in 48 numbers. He was guaranteed to win $ 100,000 by spinning the wheel since it’s the smallest amount that can be won. But destiny had other plans for him. Little did he know that he was about to join the millionaires club.

Its cost is $4 per sheet. It's a five-part game. At each point of five-pointed stars, numbers are configured. The game has to cover marks on all five of the stars in 48 numbers or less to achieve its objects.

What's more interesting is that David covered the last point on the 5th star with the 48th number. Could it be that that was his destiny? Your guess is as good as mine. I never believed in this destiny narrative, but now I do. Nobody knows yet what he plans to do with his newly acquired wealth, but he has a solid plan. The only thing he said was that he and his wife were so happy.

Bingo Is Maturing

Those who are new to gambling may be wondering, what the heck is bingo? Bingo is a game of chance that entails marking numbers on cards. Primarily, the numbers are taken arbitrarily by a caller. If you manage to be the first player to mark off the entire numbers, you win.

At Bingo, there are over 2500 slot machines in the latest and most significant themes. All you have to do is to choose between your 1c to $ 100 and place your stake and view the reels spin to a potential win.

What happened to David shows that Bingo has finally come of age. It is no longer just a number game played by the lonely and old. Various social elements have been incorporated in different versions of online bingo. The social aspect of typical bingo is now available to anyone connected to the worldwide bingo.

If you like gambling, play more of bingo, you never know when lady luck will visit you. You might become the next millionaire or better still billionaire. Mr. David never knew he would win that much. He took a chance and tried his luck. Why not try your luck? The next winner might be you.

Last Updated: February 25, 2019