Aussie Gambling Problem Blamed On Pokies

slotsDo you know which country has the worst gambling problem globally? Well, Australia is the country we are talking about. It has approximately 20,000 slot machines. People who lose money each day on gambling exceed any other country in the world.

As that is not enough, the situation is getting worse because the expenditure on gambling is rising significantly because approximately 200,000 are addicted to gambling. You may say gambling is not bad, but to a certain extent, it may be explosive.

The Gambling Problem In Aussie

Even though gambling has ushered in new technology, not forgetting the shift to online casinos and online slot games, the many types of gambling in Australia are “pokies.”  Pokie is a nickname for poker.

Surprisingly, Aussie has 20% of the globe’s poker machine. In other words, pokies have flooded Australia. They are prohibited in clubs and pubs everywhere. However, Western Australia has a different story; they are only allowed in a single casino.

Therefore, considering that statistics, pokies are blamed for the country’s fascination with gambling. When some people were interviewed, they said that pokies have bright and colorful lights that attract you and hook you. After you’ve accessed the pokie, you’ll be tempted to play, and that’s why the addiction is skyrocketing.

It has been discovered that a third of gamblers in pokies have a problem. Tim Costello, a spokesman for the Alliance for Gambling Reform, believes that more than 400 people in Australia commit suicide due to gambling after losing their bet. Therefore, it’s not strange to see ambulances hooting to be paved in the roads carrying people who have attempted suicide or even with signs of psychiatric behavior.

And just imagine the vast problems caused by pokies only, and there are other more forms of gambling across the country. Pokies are just the third form of gambling. The other two forms of gambling include lottery games and instant scratch cards.

However, after intensive research, out of the three forms of gambling, poker is the one that people spent more money on playing.  People are willing to risk their hard-earned money to the poker machines.

Well, it’s clear to argue that gambling is a big problem in Australia, but people playing pokies are the ones with the problem. It would be efficient if the government focuses mostly on the pokie players since they are the ones who lose more money. So when you consider the high number of people related to gambling problems, poker is no doubt the pioneer.

That said, Australia now should refrain from only focusing on banning a particular form of gambling if they want to end the gambling problem in the country. Why? Because we are living in a world of technology and the number of online gaming is increasing each new day.

How The Problem Cropped Up

First off, the gambling problem is capturing, and addicting people in Australia is because of the close relationship of the gambling commission and the government. It’s one of the essential parts of the government as they obtain revenues from it. Therefore, it becomes hard for the government to impose policies, rules, and regulations governing the gambling industry.

If the government makes approximately AU$2 billion annually in taxes from gambling, do you think it can introduce policies that can damages gambling companies? It’s impossible.

However, some people may argue that the social cost caused by the gambling in pokies is by far more than the economic benefit. So, the government is endangering the lives of its citizens by supporting irresponsible gambling.

Bottom Line

Gambling is an activity made for enjoyment. It should be played responsibly. The Australian government should look for the best ways that will ensure its citizens play pokies responsibly.  It should create awareness so people can know the risks involved and how to keep themselves safe.

Last Updated: January 13, 2019