Gambling Themed Toys And Their Effects On Children

M&M slot machinesThe introduction of the products that dispense M&M the same way a slot-machine game does raised the alarm from different people and organizations. In their own conscious, M&M had made an innovative product that could thrill children while they are playing.

It was an interesting game where, your child matches pictures on the reels, it then spits out a handful of M&Ms. Admittedly, it’s a game that can keep your child awake while having hours of fun. The machine went for $33. Surprisingly, it was marketed at children. The kids can enjoy the mouthwatering and attractive sounds that the toy produces.

With this product, it’s no doubt that you and your child will have fun and great times. It’s amazing for the kids, to fill the dispenser with the juicy candies. They love watching the machine’s wheel roll once the arm is pulled, until all candies fall onto the plate below. Even better, when you insert batteries to the toy, you will see the red light in the top glowing colorfully. All these actions will thrill you and your child.

But can this game affect these children in one way or another? First off, we understand that kids lack judgment. For instance, if you introduce them to a balance bike, they will not know if you are helping them to find their balance or center of gravity. They will just find it funny to hop on it and have fun. With this M&M dispensing product, they will just enjoy playing around with it without knowing if there are consequences. The kids will enjoy the simple, yet amazing design this M&M product has.

Admittedly, kids enjoy toys or products that spin and those with attractive and playful colors. This slot-machine toy is designed with an inviting color at the top that will be pretty cool to the child and they will spend hours playing with it. The way it dispenses precise amounts of candy will attract his or her attention. When the child realizes that he/she only needs to open the back and load candies, they will be happy to always do just that. The child again will find pulling the arm and releasing candies quite an interesting exercise, and so he/she will just keep filling the machine and dispensing the candies.

The reason why kids will keep playing with it is because they doesn’t possess a judgmental mind that will say, “this is a slot-machine toy that will lure you in the harmful habit of gambling.” So, his or her mind only focuses on having fun and nothing else.

That said, you should know that kids have copying strategies. So you should be careful with what you are doing about gambling. If a child notices that an adult can play a product similar to theirs, they may end up following. Worse, if the adult plays it to relieve boredom or stress, in the long run, they may copy that idea too. For instance, if you play to pay house bills, the child may believe that is the best way forward. So, the child may copy you in the future to see whether what they saw can help them out. That can drive them to gamble. But if the machine is used only for fun purposes, then there is no dangerous habit lurking.

Given that you do not intend to introduce gambling to your child, this M&M product can be a fantastic toy machine. Also, unless you like taking your child out to gamble with the real slot machines, this toy is good. The problem occurs when you intend to introduce gambling to your child. It can affect them emotionally. Many people who are introduced to gambling at a young age end up with problematic gambling.

Consequently, they will experience conflicts due to lack of trust or finances. And when they are exposed to conflicts, they may end up lacking problem-solving skills. So, teaching your kid gambling can affect the way of life with their friends.

However, you should keep your kids away from gambling because it comes with consequences. Gambling can interfere with the quality of their relationship with other children. It leads them away and they create more time for gambling. It’s from there that they will meet with other gamblers and may develop problematic gambling. It’s true that many people who gamble spend less time interacting with friends or family.

In A Nutshell

This product that dispenses M&M candies can provide your child with endless fun. It comes with a few challenges, but when they master the art of playing, he/she will find it super exciting. Kids can take huge advantages of adding candies in the machine and dispensing them on the plate. Other than fun, it teaches your child creative thinking. Otherwise, it’s a beautiful product if you are not aiming at introducing gambling to your young one.


Last Updated: December 26, 2019