Online Pokie trends we expect to see in 2020

We live in the age of fast-paced technological improvements, a newer and better version of a pre-existing system at every turn of the clock and the need to continuously be aware of the changes that are coming our way. It is no wonder that even the humble (but not to be overlooked) pokie or “slot machine” industry is keeping up with the times. Without further ado, here are the amazing ways that online pokies can be expected to change in 2020.

Cross-platform slots

Yes, you are reading correctly. Talk about making winning easier! The most convenient change of the industry for this year is that players will finally be able to play their favourite online pokies across a range of platforms such as Apple Watch, Samsung Gear two and even Pebble. For those who would be prefer to have a more HD version of their favourite game, software developers are working on making it possible to use our SmartTVs and even our gaming consoles! If this seems like something that would be up your alley, keep an eye out for updates on your favourite sites as there is a lot of hype surrounding this new avenue.

Virtual One-armed machines

Speaking of great technological advancements within the industry, another great idea from the minds of software developers is the virtual reality pokie machine. Combining all the thrills of pulling the arm and pushing the buttons at you’re your favourite Casino and the comfort of your home, this one sounds like something that will reap great results. A word to the wise, VR gear and a decent OS will be an investment in the way you game this year. Although considered to be a bit pricey on the market, it will enhance your experience and really provide you with the anticipation of playing on a real-life pokie machine without the pressure and stress of leaving your humble abode. If you are keen, here are a list of the requirements:

Crypto-currency enabled slots

Although considered a very recent development in the way we gamble online crypto-currency has not yet reached its lifespan. We can expect to see much more online casinos accepting this currency in the year 2020. There are added benefits of safety measures for those who do not feel comfortable disclosing banking details. If your credit card has safety measures that do not allow you to use your details on certain sites, then Crypro-coins can be purchased online and used on your favourite online casino to make a killing and join in on the experience. There are also things like faster transactions, privacy and less time used to work out the conversion rate that crypto-coins afford those who opt to use them. This seems like a great new way to be a winner all round.

Innovative slots

Multiple progressive features

Finally, a change we have all been waiting to see! We know that very many conventional pokie machines require a minimum bet if we want to win more than one jackpot. This year it’s all about to be a thing of the past. Online software developers are working on algorithms that eradicate this problem. To all our high-rollers, fret not, the math is still in your favour! The betting amount and the jackpot amount are directly proportionate. What this means is that if you bet big, you win big but if you bet small you win a little smaller. It might be worth the risk to give these new and improved pokie systems a shot and take a calculated risk.

Cluster wins features

Another great way that developers have managed to keep us on our toes is by developing a cluster system. The aim here is to get at least 5 of the same symbol before you are considered the winner. This is expected to ramp up the anticipation of the win and also keep you in suspense as you watch the symbols roll by and sometimes away, but that is all a part of the thrill.

With all of that being said it is clear, our much-loved developers have a few tricks up their sleeves for the online pokie enthusiast this year. Ranging from new and improved technology to systems and algorithms that will maximise the excitement of taking our chances this year. It’s bound to be an exciting and hopefully lucky year for us all building much excitement and anticipation for the changes they will think of during the course of this year and delight us within 2021. Until such a time, let us embrace the changes and be a part of the evolution of the Online Gambling Industry.

Last Updated: June 3, 2020