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Pariplay Releases Xi You Ji Pokie

xi-you-ji-Every New Year, we are all eager and excited to see what developers will come up with next. Pokies are as good as it gets when discussing interesting characters and themes, and online casino games developer Pariplay has made a hit by releasing their first title of the year, Xi You Ji Pokie.

Xi You Ji is a five reel, 24-pay line Pokie with a China setting and features a monk named Xuanzang as the lead character. The monkey king, an avid explorer, transports players to China as he embarks of an exploration quest.

Excellent Theme and Winning Features

In addition to the realistic China imagery, the game also includes classic Chinese music in its plot.  With players increasing becoming choosy on the true depiction of various cultures, it is quite obvious that many players value a well-developed theme.

Rich in texture, Xi You brings out the graphics that Pariplay is well known for: bold, deep colors and crisp imagery, founded on traditional slot machine dynamics.  Pariplay has always held on to traditionalism and this can be clearly seen even in this game. The game is 2D and has an almost old-fashioned undercurrent. The absence of captivating animation helps in giving it more character. It is much suited to the age of the story being narrated.

Following the Process

Pariplay’s Richard Mintz commented a little about the development of the game and it is clear that the developer had done their homework. He pointed out that Xi You Ji depicts one of the four popular works of Chinese literature and it was their priority from the beginning of the process to get things right.

A view of Xi You Ji Pokie

Game Symbols

As mentioned earlier, the aesthetics never fully engage you into the culture of this slot and so it is not quite clear which images have more rewards and which ones don’t. The slot has 12 symbols on its playtable, which consist of five lower value icons and seven high values ones. Almost all the high value tiles are based on the characters of the story, except the fan icon.


When it comes to controlling Xi You Ji, there is nothing different from controlling most of the medium to high variance pokies. On the reels, you will find a new set of icons with a win of three, four or five of each type securing you a payout.  The payout will vary depending on the group of symbols that you land while playing. Unlike many other games, the Xi You Ji has an active progressive jackpot alongside the standard gameplay.

Bonus Features

The game offers you with several game features to get you through. To begin with, players are expected to start by collecting light for their lanterns-these are found on the left side of the grid and get activated whenever you win.  If you don’t succeed in lighting them, you cannot access any other bonuses.

The sticky wilds are one of the bonuses yielded by the Lantern Bonus.  The bonus is triggered by three fans being stuck on the reels for up to five spins. After this, the lanterns can boost the action with up to 20 free spins. Additionally, a ×12 multiplier can be applied once the lanterns have ben lit. You can land a jackpot win by lighting up all five lanterns.

The Sacred Journey is the last of the bonus features. It is triggered by the scroll icon and can award a multiplier of ×1,000 if you are lucky enough.

This is a good slot from Pariplay. Xi You Ji offers players with a wide range of bonus features. It is available for play at casinos and is compatible to mobile devices.

Source: www.pariplayltd.com

Last Updated: February 21, 2019