Pokie Payout Percentages

Many pokie devotees are already familiar with pokie payout percentages or more commonly referred to as RTP’s (Return to Player) percentages. For those who have yet to discover the meaning of RTP’s, this may be the game changer you need to boost your winnings as well as enhance your game play experience overall. For a better understanding of the inner workings of how pokie machines payout, players would be well advised to become familiar with RTP’s and how to choose pokie games based on this percentage alone.

What are RTP Percentages?

RPT GraphicMost online pokie games visually display the RTP percentages. This is what casinos use to describe the percentage of any wagered money to be paid back to the player over a period of time during gameplay. The time period cannot be given as a certain but generally speaking, it should be within a time bracket longer than a quick spin of the reels. Most players will gain their RTP back when they have at least unlocked the bonus stage of a pokies game or hit a few winning combinations, however statistically speaking, computerized systems base the RTP on just about 1000 spins. So, if a player were to play the same pokie game as you before you, chances are you will hit the payout percentage sooner than anticipated. Another factor working in players favour is the element of luck, bonus rounds and free spins that decide the payout total.

Due to laws maintained by the Gambling Commission, some online casinos are required to display the RTP’s of all their pokie machine games.

RTP Variances

Just as each pokie game is categorized under its total percentage payout, they are also categorized under variances; low, low to medium and medium to high. Leading gaming software brands such as Microgaming and NetEnt are the best paying online pokies as their RTP falls under medium to high. Nevertheless, players still tend to stick with what they enjoy which is usually based on themes and quality. For those who choose games based on the RTP variance, they would be advised to choose higher RTP variances as opposed to lower ranging RTP’s. If players are looking to make quick cash, this would be the route to go otherwise the list below would determine the pokie RTP percentage to choose for a strategized gameplay. Basically, the volatility of a pokies game will reveal the riskiness of playing the game overall.

Low Variance RTP Pokies

Mostly considered the runts of the litter, low variance pokies aren’t all that popular. However, there are many popular pokies games which have proven successful regardless of their RTP’s. This is commonly based on the theme, graphics, user interface as well as bonus rounds and intricate game play. Players who are well aware of lower RTP’s and choose to go ahead and play low variance pokies will tell anyone it’s a game they enjoy and they enjoy the challenge. Low variance RTP’s range below the 90% mark and hardly ever pay out. These are games to be avoided unless playing for fun or for free. Low variance RTP pokies are a little hard to come by in New Zealand, because by laws casinos and pokies must have an RTP of at least 80%. So any pokie you find with an RTP between 80-90% is considered to be a low variance pokie. But remember, these are the minority of pokies, and because of their low RTP they are less popular and therefore more difficult to find. Some NZ online casinos won’t even offer them in their gaming library for this very reason.

Medium Variance RTP Pokies

Medium variance RTP’s are more commonly found online. This bracket of payout percentages can more often than not be encountered visiting even the most renowned casinos across the world, both online and land-based. Medium RTP’s is considered to range between 90%-96.50%. These pokie games will award players with small but frequent payouts, keeping them in the game regardless of payouts and ultimately tricking them into believing they will win big. Medium Variance pokies are perfect if you like winning more often as opposed to winning large sums of money. Professional gamblers don’t usually choose this type of pokie, but if you’re in it for the rush of a win, even if it’s not worth much, medium variance pokies might be the best choice for you.

High Variance RTP Pokies

Now these are the bad boys of the lot, the pokie games everyone feels lucky to have found and the ones that offer the best payout pokie machine percentages. They range from roughly about 96.50% to 98/99% and are often powered through leading gaming software developers who already have a massive following. These pokie games payout frequently, massively and allow players to, more often than not, walk away with massive coin payouts. Depending on how players place bets, chances are the higher the bet the better the payout. If you’re in it for the long run and want to win a whopping million-dollar jackpot, your best bet is to choose a high variance pokie.

Choosing an RTP Variance to Suit Your Bankroll

Players looking to make a quick buck would be advised to consider playing medium to high variance RTP pokie games. Although never guaranteed, chances are better of being paid out playing these variances rather than the lower RTP pokies games.

RPT and Bankroll graphicLower variance pokie machine games should be reserved for players with patience, high bankrolls and an appreciation for the game they have chosen.

Needless to say, all pokie games are a pleasure to play, but it’s how players choose their game that determines the outcome of the payout. Although pokies are games based on luck, there are pokies strategies and methods that can be adopted to turn lady luck in your favour and win the ultimate jackpot prize. Gambling at the best NZ online casinos is a good start.

Which Online Slots Payout the Most?

There are a few ways to figure out which online slots payout the most money. One is by reading casino reviews, and another is by referring to the pokie’s pay table. Over the years we’ve found that slots such as Goblin’s Cave by Playtech, Mega Moolah by Microgaming, and Win Sum Dim Sum by Microgaming tend to have payouts more frequently than a lot of other popular NZ online pokies. By selecting a slot that pays out more often over pays out more money you’re increasing your chances of winning the jackpot, especially if you choose a fixed jackpot. While progressive jackpots are often worth a lot more money, there is only one player who can win that large sum. Once another player wins, the jackpot is decreased, and probably not worth your while. A fixed jackpot, however, can be won by multiple players and the amount will not change. This means that if someone else won a hundred thousand dollars, you can too. In short, progressive jackpots put the pokie players in competition with each other, while fixed jackpots create for a scenario that can have multiple winners who are unaffected by each other’s winnings.

Best Paying Online Slot Games

Pokie NamePokie ProviderRTP %
Playboy FortunesMicrogaming96.24%
Goblin’s CavePlayTech96.00%
Queen of the Nile IIAristocrat95.86%
Spinfinity ManBetSoft95.80%
Tesla JoltNolimit City95.74%
Wild ScarabsMicrgaming95.00%
Alchemists LabPlaytech95.00%

Look at Payout Times, Not Just Payout Percentages

Pokie Payout Times GraphicWhen someone wins any amount of money on a pokie, be it the jackpot of just $1, it’s not really the pokie who pays them the money, but rather it’s the online casinos. If you play The Golden Own of Athena at Wildz Casino and win $700 and then you play it again at Lucky Days Casino and win $120, you’re not getting $820 from The Golden Own of Athena, really you’ll be getting $700 from Wildz Casino and $120 from Lucky Days Casino. As a player who is in it for the money, you want to make sure that the casino will pay you in a timely and easy manner. You can find out how quickly a casino pays their players by checking their Terms and Conditions, by reading casino reviews, or looking at their payment options page. This is especially important if you’re going after a very large jackpot. There have been some casinos which don’t give their players all their winnings at once, but spread out the withdrawals over the course of many years. Some players don’t mind getting smaller monthly payments over a long period of time, but if you’re the type of player who wants their money straight away, you might want to find a casino with a policy that suits your needs, even if the payout percentage is somewhat lower.

Last Updated: October 29, 2020