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Pragmatic Play set to launch New Safari King online slot game of February 21st

pragmatic playGood news for gamers. Pragmatic Play, the online gaming developer, is doing final touches on the launch of the online game Safari King. The launch, scheduled for 21st February, will bring an exciting array of features including 50 pay-lines for 4 x 5 game as well as bonus spins and symbols.

Pragmatic Play games promise players good winnings and a solid playing platform. This has made it a favorite developer for many gaming fans. The company has a solid footing in the gaming industry and they pride themselves on their wide portfolio, which ensures players always have innovative products for all their gaming needs. The launch of Safari King is, therefore, something that many of their ardent fans will be looking forward to.

Safari king, as the name suggests, has as its main theme the African Savannah, giving players the feeling that they are in the wild. The structure of the game is sure to appeal to many gamers because it is fairly simple, but is still able to deliver excitement to the player. There are many dynamics, for instance, the wilds and free spins and the ability to add bonus spins.

The developer has also included quite a number of bonus features including card symbols like A-9 for those who prefer to be in the low range.  Players will need to keep track of 13 symbols. A specific animal type allows the player to choose which stakes to go for. For instance, to get a winning of 10 times of the initial bet, the player will be required to pick either a cheetah or a rhino.

For the biggest win, the player will get up to 20 times what they have put up as a stake.  Herbivores have the lowest winnings.  The king of the jungle; the lion or the wild symbol, allows the player to substitute any of the symbols other than the bonus.

The game allows for mobility because the player can use it on their mobile device. But, there are no jackpots to be won. You can also use any smart device or your desktop device to access the game.

Interestingly enough, out of the Pragmatic Play portfolio, there are other games that would give you bigger wins when you compare them to the Safari King. This does not, however, diminish the great potential of Safari King. It has a very nice theme and the developer obviously spent quite a bit of time on the animation and background graphics that are very appealing.

We would like to imagine that; the developer was actually attaching certain animal characteristics to different individuals. For instance, herbivores are generally more timid animals and thus the low range in the winnings. The carnivores or the larger animals tend to be more aggressive and you get better winnings when you put your stake upon them.

We may be wondering why the African theme idea. Well, it seems like Pragmatic Play may have made kind of a late entry, because very many providers have taken this route, and have at least one game with this theme in the portfolios.

This game promises players jam-packed action with a simple to use and understand structure. It will be interesting to see the market reception. Our prediction is that some die-hard gaming fans may not necessarily go for it because there is no jackpot; however, seeing that it comes from a brand with good standing in the industry, it may just become a top contender in the animal-themed gaming options available in the market.

Last Updated: February 25, 2019