Play Free NZ Pokies

An online casino can be rated on many factors – the graphics, the bonuses, which payment methods it accepts, and so on. But above all, what really makes an online casino great is its gaming selection. At the end of the day, winning at online pokies is a matter of chance. Sometimes you get a streak of good fortune and win the jackpot on your first spin, but more often than not it takes some time. Finding the perfect pokie isn’t easy. Is the music good? Are the graphics up to par? Are there wilds and scatters? And really, it’s a matter of chemistry. Do you actually enjoy playing this pokie? For most NZ players finding the perfect pokie is a matter of trial and error. But this can be a challenge as it can wind up costing a lot of money, and you may spend a great deal of time sifting through pokie you don’t even like. But of course, we have a solution to this pokie picking problem. Play free pokie. Free pokies allow you to find which slots you like and don’t like, without having to put down any money. Free pokies are available on laptop, tablet and mobile. They don’t require any registration or download and are tons of fun.

Our Favourite Free Online Slot Machines

The Pros of Free Pokies

What are the advantages of playing free pokies? The answers can be found in the question. They’re pokies, and they’re free! And really, free pokies allow you to play free slots for fun. Buy beyond that, there are a few more pros to indulging in free pokies.

Discovering Free Pokies

When you go through tons of pokies you’re bound to land at a few pokies that you’ve never heard of before. Maybe they’re newer, maybe they’re from a smaller software provider, or maybe you’ve seen that pokie for years but never thought to click on it.

Learning the Tricks of the Trade

Even the most seasoned of experts once started out as novices. Each pokie has something unique about it, and by trying it for free you can learn all the secrets of how the game works without having the pressure of placing bets.

Understanding the Different Types of Pokies

Beyond style and theme, online pokies can differ based on the number of reels and how they link together. By trying out tons of different free online pokies you can evaluate which types you prefer. These preferences could be based on theme, jackpot, graphics - whatever you prefer.

Staying Safe

While all the online casinos we promote are legitimate, we can’t say the same for every single online casino out there. When giving your banking information to any website you want to be sure that they will protect your data. Playing no deposit free pokies means you never have to worry about your privacy being compromised.

Finding Free NZ Online Pokies

The easiest and safest way to play free pokies is to visit any of our recommended online casinos and see what they have to offer. Each casino is different, and therefore each online casino will have different free pokies available.

Free Pokies vs. Free Spins

Free pokies and free spins may sound alike, but they are not the same.

Playing free pokies means playing in demo mode. This means no deposit is necessary, but you also won’t walk away with any winnings – regardless of what the screen shows you. These can be a great way to discover new pokies, and if you really enjoy one you can always register with a casino and start playing for money. Free spins are available on just about all pokies, and there is no set limit. If you want, you can play them for hours on end.

NZ Free spins are given to a player by a casino and allow the player to win real money. Free spins are always set at a limited amount and are usually only available on specific pokies. For example, you might find a welcome bonus worth $100 and 50 Free Spins on Book of Dead. Once the free spins are used up, that’s it.

Factors to Consider When Playing Free Pokies Online

There are a number of factors that won’t matter while playing a pokie in demo mode, but they’re important to consider ahead of time in case you want to start spinning for real money. Some of these factors are:

Bet Size

You won’t have to place any bets while enjoying free pokies, but you can still find that information either on the pokie itself or written in our pokie review. If you have a tighter budget it may be important to consider the bet size if you’re looking to transition to real game play. Bet sizes can range from $0.01 to upwards of $100.


Progressive jackpotIs the jackpot fixed or is it progressive? Each pokie can only have one or the other, not both. A fixed jackpot is a jackpot with a set amount that will not change regardless of how many players have used the machine. This also means that even if another player won the $10,000 you can too.

A progressive jackpot increases each time any player makes a deposit. The moment the jackpot is won it will reset. Progressive jackpots are often much larger than regular jackpots, and can even be worth millions. However, if someone else wins the jackpot, you simply won’t. To win that amount you’d have to wait sometime for enough people to play it for it to replenish.


RTP stands for Return to Player. This is the percentage that describes the amount that the pokie machine must pay back to players. It’s illegal for slot machines or casinos to simply collect money, and never return any of it in the form of winnings. So if a slot has an RTP of 96%, that means that it returns $96 of every $100. However, who the winner is, is simply determined by who wins. This means that you could play $100 and win back less than $96. It also means that you can play $1 and win thousands because you’re winning money from other players who previously played that slot.

Which Casinos Offer Free Pokie Games

Jonny Jackpot gamesFree pokies can be played directly from the software provider site, our site, or from a casino. If you’re playing at the casino then you know you can switch to real play without any issues. If you’re playing from the software provider website, you may need to read some casino reviews to find out which offer your pokie. Alternatively, you can go to a casino site and search for the pokie in the games lobby and sign up once you find it. If you’re playing in demo mode on our site you can simply hit the red button that says “Play now for real money” and you’ll instantly be redirected to a casino which for sure offers that pokie, and probably a generous welcome bonus as well. Once there, simply register an account, if you don’t already have one, place a bet and start spinning for your chance to win big!

The Option of No Download Free Pokie Machines

When you register with a casino to play a specific slot, there’s a good chance you’ll have to download an app, especially if you’re playing on mobile. When you use free to play slots online you don’t have to download anything. This means not wasting any gigs of data, and not having to worry about a mobile app which could slow down your device. You simply go into your browser and start spinning. Really all you need is a stable internet connection. Beyond that, if your internet does give out for a moment, you don’t have to worry about losing anything.

If you’re playing from our site all of the pokies on this page are no download pokies. You can simply choose one and start playing without any bumps in the road. The gaming experience will be no different on a computer, tablet or smartphone. All you need is an internet connection. While other gambling websites require you to download software that can slow down your device, we’ve made it simple for you to play a large selection of pokies without any added steps.

Free Online Mobile Pokies

Pokies on mobile devicesWe here at offer you hundreds of free pokies – and that list is constantly growing. It’s safe to say that just about all of them are available on mobile or tablet, allowing you to play wherever you are, any time of day or night. Sitting at a petrol station? Whip out your mobile device, pick a pokie, and start spinning! With the rise of mobile gaming, we’re committed to providing you with the same gaming experience you would receive with a large computer screen.

Free Pokie Suppliers

A large selection of free pokies means a lot of gaming software providers have contributed. This includes big-name game developers as well as smaller and up and coming developers. Here’s just a few software providers who have contributed to the free pokies collection:


microgaming logoThe original casino games provider, this software giant was involved in launching a number of the original online casinos back in the 90s. You name it, Microgaming has it. From progressive and non-progressive jackpots, to cutting edge graphics and any theme you can imagine – Microgaming has a pokie to meet all needs. And what’s more? Virtually all of them are available in demo mode.


NetEnt logoShort for Net Entertainment, this provider is second oldest to Microgaming. Known for modern graphics and a smooth playing experience, NetEnt can be found at almost any NZ online casino. Furthermore, NetEnt games are often featured as part of welcome bonuses – another way to play them for free.


BetSoft LogoWhile BetSoft has been on the igaming market for over 20 years, they are certainly no stranger to innovation. On top of popular pokies, BetSoft comes complete with a new HTML5 platform that doesn’t require third-party plugins, enhanced compatibility for all major operating systems and reduced security risks, this software provider is truly gamer-centric.

Play’n GO

Play'n go logoWhile this provider doesn’t offer as many pokies as some of the larger game developers, some of the most popular pokies came straight from Play’n GO. These include Book of Dead, Cash Vandal, and more.


Playtech logoIf you’re looking for a Marvel-themed pokie, PlayTech is the software provider for you. With each hero having at least one pokie game, impeccable graphics, realistic sound effects and mobile compatibility, PlayTech offers everything a pokie player could ask for, and more.

The Bottom Line of Free Pokies

Playing free pokies is the ultimate way to become acquainted with the online gambling world. Even high rollers can’t help but trying out a few new pokies, risk-free. Whether you’re trying out some new pokies, looking to learn about the world of online pokies, or just spinning to pass the time, free pokies can be a lot of fun. And remember, if you really enjoy the pokie you can always switch to playing for real money. Switching from free demo more to online pokies for real money is only a click away.

Free Pokies FAQs

What are Online Pokies?


Online pokies is the term that New Zealand and Australian gamblers use to refer to online slot machines. These are simple internet-based games that come with reels that you will spin to instantly find out if the outcome will give you a win or not.

What are Free Pokies?


Free pokies are slot machines in demo or fun mode. No need to make a deposit, but this also means you won’t win any more. It’s simply a way to try out and enjoy slots without any commitment.

Are Free Spins The Same as Free Pokies?


No, free spins and free pokies are not the same. Free Spins are granted to a player by a casino, often as part of a welcome bonus, and the player can win real money. Free pokies are not necessarily connected to a casino, and the player will not win any money.

Where Can I Play Free Pokies?


You can play free pokies either from the software developer site, at most casinos, or on our site by simply clicking on any of the online pokies displayed above.

How Much Money Can I Win on Free Pokies?


You can’t win any money on free pokies. Because there is no deposit required, you also don’t get to walk away with any winnings. You can however switch to playing in real mode and then you have the potential to win a lot of money.

Do All Pokies Have a Free Version?


All pokies have a free version, the exception being pokies created more than 10 years ago.