Does a high RTP guarantee a win?

No; a high RTP means that winning a portion of cash is at a higher chance than on other games, but this does not mean you will 100% win.

How do you know the RTP of a pokie?

Most online casinos will have the RTP displayed on the pokie title itself or in the description of a game.

Are high payout pokies more difficult to win?

Not necessarily. While they often offer larger jackpots, the odds of winning these big payouts might be lower. However, each spin’s outcome is still determined by a random number generator, so every player has a chance to win regardless of the payout potential.

Do high payout pokies require larger bets?

Not always. Some high payout pokies might require larger bets to qualify for the maximum jackpot, but many allow players to win big with smaller bets as well.

Are high payout pokies more expensive to play?

They can be, especially if you’re aiming for the maximum jackpot, which might require larger bets. But some high payout pokies allow players to win substantial amounts with smaller bets too.