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LawA number of New Zealand pokies fans have approached us regarding the legality of playing online pokies and whether or not they could possibly land themselves in hot water from playing at online casinos.

Well the fact of the matter is that Kiwis are actually legally allowed to play online pokies and this is according to New Zealand law!

More precisely, the Gambling Act of 2003 states that it is not in fact illegal for a citizen of New Zealand to participate in gambling over the internet so long as that website is not based in New Zealand.

This means that it is perfectly safe and legal for Kiwis to gamble online, and it is even safer when choosing one of our recommended online casinos for New Zealand payers!

To further clarify the position of New Zealand citizen who wish to gamble at online pokies, take a look at these important facts about our gambling laws:

  • No tax on your winnings: There are currently no provisions that have been set aside within the guidelines issued by Inland Revenue pertaining to taxation on winnings from online gambling activities. The Inland Revenue guidelines only include taxation of revenue generated from land-based gaming machines, in other words, the ones down at the pub!
  • No legal liability: Kiwis that want to gamble online may do so without fear of prosecution under New Zealand law (as we mentioned in the Gambling Act of 2003)
  • Online poker is also legal: Kiwi poker playing fans can also enjoy online poker games and gambling as this also falls under the same category as online gambling under the Gambling Act of 2003.
  • Online sports betting: This is an area of some confusion due to the New Zealand Racing Board which controls all inland sports betting via the TAB. The distinction needs to be made however, between real and virtual sports betting. Online sports betting which is offered by overseas sports betting sites also falls under the same category as online poker and pokies, therefore legal for Kiwis.

So there you have it, it is perfectly legal for you to enjoy great online pokies from our recommended list.

Something to remember

While we have clearly demonstrated that it is perfectly legal for New Zealand gambling fans to enjoy online pokies, poker or sports betting, it is still important to ensure that you choose reputable and safe online gambling destinations.

That is why we recommend that you stick to our recommended casinos list and also visit our top 10 pokies tips page for reviews and tips on banking, bonuses and much more!