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How to Cheat Pokies

How to Cheat Pokies

Since pokies are known to provide the biggest winning opportunities and work was electronics, it is only natural for players to find ways to cheat these machines and tilt the edge in their favor just a bit more than it should.
In the past, we have heard many casino games being cheated, including card counting with blackjack and various betting systems on roulette. Not many know that players have actually come up with many different ways to cheat to pokies and take advantage of the incredible big winnings they provide.
Below, we take a look at just some of the most commonly used cheats at casinos and how some players ensure they win more than just a few dollars!

Our tip for playing pokies: Don’t try to cheat, just have fun! Plus, these days, you can easily play free pokies NZ without even needing to register or deposit money.

The Yo-Yo Cheat

Even though this method might not work in modern casinos that use electronic cards to deposit funds into the machine and needless to say that it wouldn’t work on online pokies, there are still many casinos that used or operated pokie machines, which is exactly what you need to take advantage of this cheat.
The idea is to attach a string to a coin that allows you to put the coin into the machine and then use a string to pull it out again. This allows you to basically play the game for free and activate real winnings without spending any money.
In today’s highly secure casinos that has cameras everywhere, it would definitely be a risky operation, but it has been known to work perfectly with the older slot machines.

Piano String

In 1982, a group of men working at the Caesars Boardwalk Regency came up with an idea to manipulate mechanical pokies to benefit one of their mates who would hit the jackpot of $50,000. They used a 20-inch piano string, which was installed by one of the men working at the casino in such a way that it would manipulate the operation of the machine and allow the player to stop the reels on the jackpot combination.
Unfortunately for the group of men, the entire manipulation was captured on one of the security cameras, which led to the arrest of the not so lucky winner. However, the wire was proven to be successful as the jackpot was in fact activated.

Light Wand

The light wand was created by one of the most well-known pokie cheaters in the world, Tommy Glenn Carmichael.
The wand was created to manipulate the optical sensor of a pokie machine, which stopped it from counting the number of coins between big winnings and even jackpot payouts. Therefore, it wouldn’t be able to tell when the next big jackpot should be rewarded.
Tommy managed to trigger many massive combinations while the machine was supposed to provide small payouts or even no winnings at all. It even led to the activation of some progressive jackpot winnings, making live changing amounts activate on the machine out of thin air.
It’s unclear as to how the wand works exactly, but when you look at the shape, it also looks like a magnet that had to be placed directly over the sensor before it would take effect and confuse the machine into paying out more often than it should.

Bill Validation

Manipulating the bill validation device is known to be one of the most successful ways of cheating on pokies. It is a simple device that fools the machine into thinking it’s taking in a $100 bill while the player is actually only depositing a $1 bill.
When you think about it, this form of cheating doesn’t even require you to play any games as you can simply fool the machine a few times and cashed out. However, it is well worth using that money for a few high roller spins on a progressive jackpot pokie as it might just end up being worth a lot more.
Today’s land-based casino machines don’t really accept cash as much anymore and even deposit machines have become harder to mess with. In fact, most casinos only allow you to top up your card by visiting the cashier, which might be annoying, but with some of the cheats mentioned above, it is completely understandable.

Replacing the Computer Chip

One of the most amazing forms of cheating a pokie was introduced by Dennis Nikrasch who purchased one of the pokie machines and decided to work out the flaws and possible hacks of the machine in his garage.
As you can imagine, Dennis came up with many different ways to manipulate one of these machines, but the best way was to replace the independent chip with one that was specially programmed to activate the jackpot.
Instead of simply adding to the casino and betting this chip to use by himself, he decided to get a group of scammers involved who would take advantage of pokies for years to come. He created many of these special keys and managed to fool many games into giving him the gold payout when they shouldn’t have.

At the end of the day, none of these methods truly worked and even when they did, there were huge penalties for those caught. If you want to get the most for your money, do your research and choose online casinos that offer the most bonus perks, such as free spins on sign up NZ and even deposit match bonuses.

Summary of Pokie Machine Hacks

Looking for the optimal pokie hacks and cheats can depend on the type of the game, some are more easily manipulated and others may lead you nowhere. Manipulating and hacking the pokie games these days will need you to get a hold on the game software and change it to your liking. Older pokie machines that relay on physically mechanism can be tweaked for your liking and give you the winning edge.

Pokies are a form of entertainment that is meant to be played and create exactment as the outcome is unknown, messing with pokie machines and cheating will definitely ruin the element of surprise and fun, so take it into consideration while doing so.

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