What is Online Pokies?

Online pokies is the term that New Zealand and Australian gamblers use to refer to online slot machines. These are simple internet-based games that come with reels that you will spin to instantly find out if the outcome will give you a win or not.

How do Online Pokies Work?

Online pokies present a certain number of reels and paylines. All a player has to do is place a wager before spinning the reels and wait for the outcome of their bets. You can hit a winning combination that depends on the instructions that the pokies paytable display.

Are Online Pokies Different than Online Slots?

Not at all, these are different terms that are used interchangeably to describe a specific type of game. Online slots is mainly used in countries like America while online pokies is used in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

What are the Best Real Money Online Pokies in NZ?

Frankly the best real money online pokies in New Zealand depend on the preference of Kiwi players. This said, there are some titles like Mega Moolah, Queen of the Nile, Avalon, and Break Da Dank that receive massive attention from New Zealand pokie enthusiasts.

Are Online Pokies Legal to Play in New Zealand?

Yes, it is legal to play online pokies in NZ. This is as long as you are playing in a legit online casino. Just be sure to pick a casino that has been licenced to operate in the country or accepts players from New Zealand without a problem.

Are Real Money Online Pokies Safe to Play?

Absolutely, the real money online pokies are safe to play as long as you pick the certified options. These are games that come from reputable software developers who are mandated to release safe and fair games to different online casinos across the globe.

What is the Payout Percentage of Online Pokies?

The payout percentages of online pokies is the average amount of cash that the game will give the players in forms of wins compared to the money that players use to place wagers. Because this is an average figure, the payout percentage cannot determine how much you will make in a single session or even 50. However, the more spins you make the closer the results will be to the pokies’ payout percentage.

How Much Money Can I Win on Online Pokies?

It is not easy to tell how much money you can make from playing online pokies because the outcomes are usually random. There is a possibility, however, of making some good cash because some people have become millionaires simply by playing these online games.

Can Casinos Manipulate Online Pokies?

Good casinos will not manipulate online pokies. This gives gamers a fair chance as they are spinning the reels and it also helps the gaming stations to maintain a stellar reputation because they do not interfere with the games they avail.

Can I Win Online Pokies by Cheating?

No it is not possible to win online pokies by cheating. You should also not be tempted to try and cheat because once the casino notices any fishy business from your end they may end up banning you so that you never access the games again.