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Top 3 Pirate Themed Online Pokies

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Greg Foster April 9, 2024 3 min read
Top 3 Pirate Themed Online Pokies

Avid gambling participants are always on the look out for new, different, and engaging slots with various themes, depending on each player’s specific taste. Pirate pokies are no exception to this, with many players experiencing gap-toothed pirates and their squawking parrots for the first time or as a returning fan-favourite.

Through top software developers, new worlds, and adventure awaits new and experienced players with varying RTP, or return to player, percentages and chances for big jackpot wins. Depending on the online casino chosen by players depends on how many and which slots are available to them. Regardless of which titles players choose or search for, each has its own unique soundtrack, visually stunning graphics, and pirate themed slot reels.

What Are Pirate Pokies?

As the name suggests, pirate pokies encapsulate designs inclusive of pirates in all their glory. Shiny treasure is up for grabs, with hook hands and parrots on display to fully immerse players into the pirate theme.

Players generally play online pokies for the big potential wins; however, some gamers choose their slots based on themes alone. Pirate pokies provide a fresh, exciting gameplay for new and old players to immerse themselves in and explore.

Encapsulating multipliers and sticky wilds, the mechanics involved in creating pirate pokies enable players to travel to new realms, taking in the scenery and outstanding soundtracks through these titles. Each title captures players in different ways.

Some gamers may play certain slots depending on the soundtrack, software developer, or overall RTP percentage that is offered. Nevertheless, pirate pokies offer something for everyone, new or experienced, when playing pirate-themed games on New Zealand online pokies.

The Best Pirate Pokies

Pirate pokies are available on many, if not all, online casinos within the gambling market. In some cases, these themed gaming titles are playable on desktop, mobile, and on tablets, depending on the online casino and mobile phone software used by the player.

However, searching for the best pirate pokies can be time consuming and overwhelming, which is why we have provided the top 3 pirate pokies available. Since these games are from a range of top providers, these pirate slot titles are displayed on most online casinos for access amongst new and experienced players. These slots are dedicated to those seeking new and adventurous gaming titles.

1. Hooks Heroes by NetEnt

NetEnt has provided gamblers with another amazing title, fit with immersive gameplay and pirate themed soundtracks. With their launch in 2015, Hooks Heroes is staying relevant on the online pokie market, with thousands of players enjoying the unique gameplay and incredible graphics.

Hooks Heroes by NetEnt slot game

On top of these benefits, this popular gaming title includes bonus free spins for players to access, with 3 distinct features to be chosen. These features are 7 spins with random wilds per spin, 10 spins with inclusive multipliers for potential prizes, and 15 spins with payouts when matching specific pirate symbols.

2. 1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick

1429 Uncharted, developed by the top software provider Thunderkick, features a unique design of wilds, with krakens attacking the slot when this feature is triggered. 50 free spins are on offer when players combine 5 scatters on a single spin, allowing an immersive and engaging gameplay.

1429 Uncharted Seas by Thunderkick slot game

The word graphics are in an Olde English styled font, with symbols that provide a hand-drawn feeling on a realistic map displayed during the game.

3. Treasure Skyland by Microgaming

Microgaming has once again provided another amazing slot title, with interesting designs in collaboration with JFTW. Treasure Skyland features monkey pirates when players access the title, ensuring a definitive new experience for any online pokies fan.

Treasure Skyland by Microgaming

In addition to this, players have access to features including up to 4x multipliers, a win extender, and symbol upgrades to keep this slot fun and fresh. To top this title off, gamers have the chance to win up to 1000x their stake back in the jackpot.


Throughout the online pokies world, many players continue to search for their favourite theme, casino, or gaming title. With pirate themed slots, players can choose a top software developer to access unique titles and add them into their favourite pokies category. Depending on the gaming title included on differing online casinos depends on the inclusive features and benefits players can receive during their engaging gameplay. Utilising the top 3 games provided above will ensure your first time, or returning experience, is one of the best available.

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