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Can Online Pokies Algorithms Be Manipulated By The Casino?

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Greg Foster April 9, 2024 4 min read
Can Online Pokies Algorithms Be Manipulated By The Casino

Online pokies are thrilling to play. At the same time, online casinos are out to make money. However, for customers to keep enjoying the games, they have to feel that the games are safe and fair.  Consequently, Casinos are governed by Laws as well as regulations to guarantee safe and fair gameplay. Since not all customers win the games, there are several suspicions that casinos manipulate algorithms in online pokies.  Some of these theories include the speculation that you can only generate wins when you play for too long.  Understanding how online pokies work is a great way to rest assured that you have an equal chance of winning the games just as anybody else and the pokie is not rigged. The discussion on the credibility of online pokies should start by digesting the concept of Random Number generators to prove that they are designed in such a way that they are fair when it comes to the prizes that they payout.

What Is A Random Number Generator?

As aforementioned, so you can understand how difficult it is to rig online slot machines, you have to know the concept of RGN. RGN stands for Random Number Generator. It’s the software that’s in charge of the operations of the online pokie. The software functions to produce random sequences per milliseconds each day. Every time you press the spin or the bet max button, it will create a different random number series. This is a purely random process whose results are unknown to the casino operator, the creator of the game, or the player of the game.  The system that’s used today applies a 128-bit md5 and is created by a professor from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

How Does A Random Number Generator Work?

It’s very crucial to understand that the Random number generators do not have any memory. The software is completely unaware of your playing history and doesn’t know you. It does not recognize whether you have lost or won the game. It can never determine how long you have been playing the game or if you just initiated the game and won a jackpot. The results of whether you will win the game or not, are entirely dependent upon mathematical equations when you start the play sequence.

These results are usually not preprogrammed in such a way to produce specific results. You can lose as much as 15 times before winning; you can also win again after your last spin. The possibilities are endless, and there no way of knowing the outcome. At the start of a game, the Random number generator starts generating random numbers at intervals of seconds. The minute you decide to click, the button dictates what symbols will be displayed on the reel. This is a concept of pure luck.

Are Random Number Generators Credible?

Casinos that are publicly traded invite Third party authorities to ensure scrutiny of their Random Number Generators in online slots. These bodies control casino fairness.  The main aim of these tests is to ensure that the casinos adhere to payout percentage requirements. Such institutions that undertake software testing to ensure that there are no manipulations include iTech Labs eCOGRA GLI NMi. Aside from this, Casinos are usually licensed by government authorities such as Gibraltar, The Malta Gaming Authority, and The UK Gambling Commission.  These Authorities look after the interest of players. Their job is to ensure that both Casinos and software developers meet a strict set of laws and regulations so that they can operate. The software tests they carry out are mandatory. If these casinos cheat customers, they would be shut down. The casinos also receive certifications such that players are always at peace when playing their games. Check the bottom of your casino’s page to find out if it meets the requirements as mentioned above. Ensure that the casino has an excellent reputation. You can confirm this by looking at the customer reviews to further verify its credibility. A casino that has gotten awards from iGaming is also worth investing your time and money as well.

If RGNs Are Fair, How Come Casinos Make Profit?

Random number generators ensure that there is a clear distinction between the pokies interface and the combination processor. The Casino operators cannot access the combination processor and interfere with it to make profits.  That said, online casino operators have numerous ways through which they can make money through casinos. They do not have to manipulate the online pokies. They make money through a concept that’s known as “House Advantage.” Although they do not win on all wagers, the odds will always favor them. They make money when a player wagers money. This is differing from RTP where the casino is obliged to inform you about percentage player theoretical returns. So you know how much money you are going to recover.

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