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How to Find the Best Low Variance Online Slots?

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Greg Foster April 9, 2024 3 min read
How to Find the Best Low Variance Online Slots

Slot variance (or volatility) indicates how often players are likely to win and how big the resulting payouts can be. Low volatility slots are low-risk, low-reward titles with frequently activated special features. Players consistently win; however, the winnings are lower than high volatile slots. Low volatile slots encapsulate players for longer playing sessions and, providing it is a high RTP slot, a fair chance for a small profit. However, the theoretical return and variance are not one and the same.

RTP, or return to player, represents the percentage of the amount wagered the game is likely to pay back. This is calculated over a lengthy period and several spins. Variance, on the other hand, indicates the risk stemming from win frequency and size. Both RTP and variance need to be considered when searching for low variant pokies. If the variance information is not provided by the online casino, there are several ways you can check if the pokie title is right for you.

Best Low Variance Online Slots

Identifying which slots are low volatility is not the easiest task, especially if the developer does not provide easily accessible information for players. One of the several ways to determine if the slots are low variance is to play the game itself. Players can also search for clues indicating the slots’ variance, such as looking at the pay table and checking the difference between payouts for the biggest possible combo compared to the second highest combo within the title. Another clue is that, in low variance games, the first win by the player usually pays only 3-5x the initial deposit made when beginning the title. Checking the maximum win potential of a single spin is also another way to check volatility, with the key being the higher the win potential, the more likely you would engage with numerous non-winning spins. A final suggestion to ensure volatility levels is to use the casinos “fun mode” to judge how easy it is to trigger bonus rounds on each of the titles.

Upon research and based on player feedback, win potentials and RTP, the 5 best low volatility slots within the New Zealand gambling community are listed from highest RTP to lowest. The most popular and lowest volatility slot is Book of Atem from the developer Microgaming, with an outstanding RTP of 96.45%. The second most played low variance slot is Blazing Frog, from the well-known developer Play’n GO, with the second highest RTP at 96.20%. The third slot following this title is Parthenon: Quest for Immortality, from developer NetEnt, has a close RTP of 96.03% RTP. The fourth popular New Zealand low volatile slot is Codex of Fortune, also produced by NetEnt, at a close 96% RTP. Finally, the fifth most popular low variance slot 1st of the Irish, from the Spanish developer Red Rake Gaming, with a still high 95.40% RTP.

Pros And Cons of Low Variance Slots

With any slot title, each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and low variance slots are no exception. In comparison to high volatility slots, low variant titles enable players’ bankrolls to deplete at slower rates. Bonus rounds for low variant slots are much easier to trigger, with players receiving opportunities to benefit from the title’s special features. Another advantage includes the likelihood of becoming ‘bankrupt’ in gaming titles is much lower in low variance games, a must for players with limited budgets for online slots. However, the wins are usually between 250 and 500x the bet placed, which is less than high volatile games. Some spins pay much less than the amount wagered by the player, so the outcome is considered positive but decreases the balance on the account. For big wins, players usually need to place large bets for low volatile slot titles.


In summary, low variance slots are ideal for players with small bankrolls and those eager for long play times. Based on the information provided, including the advantages of low variance titles, you can use this newly acquired knowledge to improve your performance on seeking and engaging with low variance titles. If your priority is for your balance to last, and you enjoy long gaming sessions, low volatility titles are the perfect choice for you.