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Why do people play Online Pokies with Bitcoin?

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Nairda Linares June 5, 2024 5 min read
Why do people play Online Pokies with Bitcoin

Kia ora punters! Online slots are ever growingly popular with Kiwi punters, and for good reason. You can enjoy all of your favourite games from the comfort of your couch, and get to enjoy plenty of bonuses and free spins as you do so. 

As online casino gaming has evolved, so have the ways to fund your pokies play. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments are a secure way to top-up your online wallet, offering many benefits over traditional payment methods. In today’s guide, we’ll explore exactly why people play pokies with Bitcoin and also touch on how you can use Bitcoin to play online slots. 

Why are Bitcoin slots popular?

Bitcoin slots differ from traditional online slots in that they use Bitcoin (BTC) as the main form of payment. This means punters can top-up their wallets using BTC and other digital cryptocurrencies, and also receive payouts in Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin gamblers enjoy the anonymity associated with using Bitcoin, as well as the transparent and secure nature of the payment system. Additionally, Bitcoin transactions are incredibly fast, meaning you can start playing your favourite pokies almost instantly.

Bitcoin casinos often have immediate payouts, so punters don’t have to wait to cash out their earnings. Plus, Bitcoin slots are completely computer-based. This means they can’t be manipulated and rely on completely random, computer-generated algorithms to determine payouts and wins. Cheats can’t influence the odds of winning, and it also stops the online casino itself from gaining too much of a house edge. 

As the world of online gaming continues to boom, block-chain-based casinos like JustBit, 7Bit and Lucky Block offer a safe and secure way to bet. Most offer first-class slot games, including all of your classic favourites like Cleopatra II, Thunderstruck and more.

So if you’re looking for a secure way to play online pokies or just want to try something new, Bitcoin casinos might just be your thing. The best part? You don’t need to know anything about cryptocurrency or digital wallets to get started. 

Four reasons to play pokies with Bitcoin

So, why should you make the switch from traditional payment methods at online casinos to using Bitcoin? Here are the top 4 reasons to play pokies with Bitcoin:

1. Bitcoin offers better security

When stored correctly, Bitcoin offers the best security for your funds online. This is because hackers can only access your Bitcoin if they access your private keys, which are stored offline within your home. 

We recommend keeping the majority of your coins in cold storage, using a hard wallet like the Ledger Nano X to keep your coins protected. 

Hackers are smarter than ever nowadays and use complex phishing scams to trick even the smartest punters into handing over their digital wallets. Using a hard storage method means you’ll know if you’re getting tricked – anybody who asks for your private keys is trying to steal your money. 

2. Better cashback, bonuses and payouts

Bitcoin slots offer better cashback and deposit bonuses than traditional online pokies. JustBit offers 45% cashback for punters, which is a lot more than popular online casinos. In comparison, one of the most popular online slots in New Zealand, PlayOJO, only offers 30% cashback for punters!

The payout rates and amounts are often higher, as the Bitcoin slot developers don’t have to pay extra for processing fees. This means that gamers can enjoy higher winnings and better bonuses when playing slots online with Bitcoin.

3. Remain anonymous and protect your privacy

Bitcoin is completely anonymous, as all transactions are made with a secure digital wallet. This means that players can remain anonymous when they play online slots with Bitcoin, which helps to protect their personal information from identity theft or fraud. 

You won’t have to provide any of your bank details or other personal information when playing online slots with Bitcoin. Instead, you merely link your Bitcoin wallet to your online gaming account and get to spinning the reels!

4. It’s highly cost-effective

Get more bang for your buck by using Bitcoin. The fees associated with BTC transactions are way lower than credit cards and bank transfers, and you also save money on service fees too. 

Remember, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were invented to optimize the online gaming process, making it easy as for punters to quickly transfer funds from their digital wallets to their favourite casino games. Bank transfers, credit cards and third-party payment companies can take days, as they were never created to be used like they are today.  

With Bitcoin, you’ll be spinning the reels in no time. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your personal and financial details being visible to anyone else. 

How to play online slots with Bitcoin

Want to get started playing online slots with Bitcoin? Thankfully, it’s really easy. Here’s a quick guide to playing pokies with Bitcoin:

Get your crypto wallet

You’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet to use Bitcoin to play the pokies. You can pick from hot or cold storage options, with hot storage being an online wallet or app you can use to purchase and store Bitcoin. Cold storage, as discussed above, are hard wallets that keep your BItcoin protected offline. 

You’ll need a hot wallet in order to load money onto a Bitcoin slot. We recommend that you keep the majority of your BTC in cold storage, and use a hot wallet to transfer smaller amounts of Bitcoin for your online gaming.

You’ll access your cryptocurrency wallet using a private key. Never store this on your computer or where anyone else can access it. Write down your private keys by hand and store the document securely to keep your Bitcoin safe. 

Buy your Bitcoin

Once you’ve set up your hot wallet, it’s time to buy some Bitcoin. You can purchase BTC instantly, which makes jumping into your next online slot gaming session a breeze. Most hot wallet providers will have an in-depth guide on their website on how to buy Bitcoin, so check that out prior to making your first purchase. 

Join a Bitcoin casino

Many online casinos now accept cryptocurrency as payment, but checking out some Bitcoin-specific casinos may be a good idea too.

Win big!

Get cracking with spinning the reels and winning big – because with Bitcoin you can cash out instantly and securely.

Remember to keep an eye on the market price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so you can make sure that your money is going as far as possible. Good luck!

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