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Sugar Pop is one of the favourite online video pokies of candy lovers. It is one of the earliest titles by Betsoft and like most pokies from this developer, Sugar Pop comes with some innovative features such as the Special Candies and Popping Candy features. Since it is a multi-level game, you can have a great time achieving higher levels winning bigger rewards. This is a low variance game with an RTP of 97.6%, meaning that you will frequently win money.

Sugar Pop Slot Game Information

Software ProviderBetsoft
Year released2013
Minimum bet$0.50
Maximum bet$1250

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📍 Which Casinos Feature Sugar Pop for Real Money

All Betsoft pokies are great, but the software provider has really hit it out of the park with this online pokie, so it’s safe to say that Sugar Pop is far from your traditional slot game. The game consists of multiple levels, cascading reels and is all ways to win the game. To win, you need to burst the candy. You do this by aligning 3 or more pieces of candy either vertically or horizontally. Once the candy has been well aligned, the shatter and additional pieces will replace them. If the new pieces combine to make a string of three, they will shatter and the process repeats itself. Each spin offers gamers with a chance to collect special candies. Each piece of special candy has its own unique feature, but you need to have a winning combo in place for the features to activate.

🎁 Special Features

Players of Sugar Pop will be excited about the Bonus Pattern Feature. The feature is quite rewarding and can earn you up to 600 points.

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Additional Features:

  • All Ways Pay: each symbol in the game is worth a given value when they pop up. To burst the candies, you need at least 3 or more matching close to each other anywhere on the reels in any pattern.  You can create chains of any amount starting from 3 to 25 candies.
  • Cascading Reels: each time a win is created, the symbols will pop and disappear and will be replaced by more symbols dropping from above.
  • Super Color: when you land on four or more in a combination, they will leave behind a symbol with a 2x multiplier. If you can manage to pop it before the next spin, it will multiply the combo.
  • Colour bomb:  when 5 or more in a combo are burst, a bomb of the same colour will be left behind. If used by cascading symbols on top, every symbol of the same colour will burst. This is not quite effective considering that by then most are usually burst.
  • The ‘Caramel Chew’ symbol us available from level 2 and will take a random path around the board destroying any symbols it comes across allowing them to be replaced by other new symbols.
  • The ‘White Chocolate’ is available from level 4 and will shoot almond resulting in random symbols on the reels exploding and being replaced. The Gumdrop is available from level 6 and sucks up surrounding candies allowing them to be replaced. Other symbols include the jawbreaker, which is available from level 8, the Candy Cane; the Jelly Beans for level 12, the Chocolate for level 15 and the Cotton Cans for level 20.
  • The Bonus Pattern Feature: On the left side of the reels there is a pattern displayed and each time you receive a winning combo of candies occupying this part of the pattern, the squares will become highlighted. You will then receive a prize of 600 points in your Level Up meter.

All wins in the game contribute to a Level Up meter at the right side of the reels. Different levels award different special candy symbols. The “Lollipop’ symbol is available from level 1 and rotates all visible symbols to new positions on the board after winning combos have been calculated.

🔊 Graphics and Sounds

Sugar Pop seems to be one of the most feminine NZ online pokies ever, but it’s quite gorgeous. The game has lots of pink and blue on its interface making it have a natural girlish appearance.  That combined with playful music worked out really good! Players will also be excited to see such an insane variety of candies!

💰 Jackpot

The payouts in Sugar Pop is somewhat different from other traditional pokies. First of all, the game uses a 5×5 grid and a cascading motion when the spin button is hit. This means that when spin is activated, the symbols will drop out and a new set of symbols will drop in. To win, three connecting pieces of candy must be attained. Considering that there are 25 spaces, the potential to win large payouts is high. One can win up to 5,000 coins!

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