Top Ten Superhero Themed Pokies To Try Out

super hero pokiesEverybody has his/her favorite superhero which he/she can remember as a kid. Who was your superhero?

Well. The pokie industry took it as an opportunity to develop games with superhero themes to attract as many players as possible. As we talk now, many online pokies are designed using superhero themes.

Frankly, you’ll discover dozens of pokies develops based on the most eminent and popular superheroes from film, television and comic books.

The games include superb graphics and attractive sound effects that attract players who value superhero-themed games.

Let’s see the top ten superhero themed pokies.

Superman the movie

Superman movie was amazing, and many people can recall. The first slot in Superman’s trilogy is Superman the movie. This slot is based on the classic 1978 movie featuring Gene Hackman and Christopher Reeve.

What will amaze you with this pokie is the 100 pretty super paylines to hit. As if that’s not enough, it comes with herculean four progressive jackpots. Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, the 3D graphics together with the attractive minimum stakes makes it an irresistible game regardless you play it with Lex Luthor’s budget or Clark Kent’s.

Superman II

After Superman first series movies, there followed the second series movie which saw the man of steel rising fast against Lex Luthor once again. But this time, backed up by three Kryptonians who want to revenge against red panted savior.

Though it may not appear as impressive as the “Superman the movie,” Superman II comes with some tricks up its spandex sleeves. If you are lucky enough to match certain symbols, you might end up winning up to 500x your stake.

Justice League

If you watched this movie, we all agree that it was a bit divisive. However, the pokie is outstanding and awesome for all the right reasons. First, the silver lining here is the huge stakes.

Needless to say, you should play the game responsibly. But what will impress you is the potential wins as starting from 2,000 coins. Pretty impressive, right? You’ll also find a progressive jackpot.

Man of steel

Man of Steel is a more modernized pokie than Superman and feature Henry Cavill. Honestly, when it comes to potential winnings, it’s not as impressive as the above two superman pokies.

However, the game has great bonus modes as well as great multipliers of up to 1,000 your stake. What will amaze you is that you can with as low as 0.02 coins. You will love the stunning graphics and sound effects the pokie has.

Planet of the apes

Andy Serkis, the master creature actor, is the current to succeed the role of Caesar in 2011 remake.

First off, the game includes heartwarming CGI sound effects and impressive motion capture. Although the game doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot, it splits between two screens.  Doubtlessly, this makes the game awesome and doubles the paylines up to 40 from 20.


Rocky is a superhero-themed game from Playtech that comes with five reels and 25 paylines. Just like the movie and the pokie type, it’s somewhat pretty traditional.  If you are under tight budget, Rocky can rock you as you can stake with as low as 0.01 coins.

Interestingly, you can land to a knockout that can win you 10,000x your bet when you come across five Rockys in a row.

Pink Panther

Playtech keeps on giving players a new and unique experience. Pink Panther is another release from them and guess what? It’s an amazing game that will thrill you more and more.

With this game, you’ll see the bumbling Clouseau as he finds his way to the diamond through clues. You can decide to pick up the jackpot-only game or legendary progressive.

The Dark Knight

Meet one of the impressive releases from director Christopher Nolan. It’s not too far from Batman Begins.

The pokie features a high-quality 3D graphics that will keep you in the perfect moods for playing. You will find low stakes. So, you can stake with 1p and potentially land a £1 million or more. It also has a progressive jackpot.


Surprisingly, in Highlander, the win is not exclusively for one winner though there is only one Highlander. Thanks to the 21st-century classic visuals and sounds; they make the game extraordinary. Imagine of a maximum win of up to 100,000 coins? That sounds good.

Experience the pretty different wilds in the game. Spin for your luck. And not just once.


Meet the real box hit from the Russell Crowe epic. This is an impressive pokie that has impressive visual and sound effects. It has more than five reels and with 50 paylines plus a bunch of extra features such as a 100 free spin bonus round. If you match the game correctly, you can land into 2000x multipliers.

In a nutshell

Superhero themed pokies are exceptional to play. The above ten pokies will raise give you a wonderful experience. You will enjoy your villains or superheroes while having fun with those top-notch pokies.

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Last Updated: October 27, 2020