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Top 3 Irish Themed Online Pokies

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Greg Foster April 9, 2024 3 min read
Top 3 Irish Themed Online Pokies

When players consider any online casino, the first type of game they search for is usually slots. Themed slots are frequently the first choice over any other slot category, providing a unique and enhanced gaming experience for both new and veteran players. Irish pokies are one of the many themes available, allowing gamers to feel the luck of the Irish in New Zealand from the comfort of their own devices.

What are Irish Pokies?

As the name implies, Irish pokies are composed of Irish designs, including folklore, leprechauns, and 4-leaf clovers to provide that authentic feel. This theme includes soundtracks that transport players into Ireland, allowing engaging gameplay on all fronts.

Irish pokies are created from many top software developers, including Play’n GO, NetEnt, and Barcrest. Being supplied gaming titles from the most well-known suppliers allows players to feel comfort knowing they are playing titles with the highest graphics and gameplay features.

Just like other titles, the gameplay for Irish slots is simplistic and easy to navigate. Because of the basic nature of these games, Irish pokies have quickly become fan favourites across the New Zealand gambling community.

Why Irish Pokies are Popular?

Since players are always on the look out for new and improved gaming titles, themed slots always showcase themselves into the catalogue of favourites. Their simplistic yet glamorous designs capture the attention of new and old players, providing gameplay that incorporates real-life scenery and historical personalities.

Thousands of players flock to slots, choosing their favourite themes and concepts to continuously play. Regularly, Irish pokies are very popular among Kiwis as it transports gamers to an international place from the comfort of their desktop or mobile device. This specific theme of slots is becoming increasingly popular, with more and more titles being released frequently for players to engage in and enjoy thoroughly.

1. Leprechaun Goes Egypt

As the name indicates, this is a crossover of Irish and Egyptian themes. In this unique title from Play’n GO, players have access to a 5 reeled slot in an immersive Ancient Egypt styled landscape with leprechaun characters to guide them through the game.

Leprechaun Goes Egypt

This Irish slot includes the depiction of Cleopatra on this adventure, enabling players to have access to both Irish pots of gold and the riches of an Egyptian ruler. Combining these two themes has increased its popularity significantly, making it a top favourite amongst both brand new and skilled online casino gamers.

2. Finn and the Swirly Spin

Released back in 2017, Finn and Swirly Spin is a second most common choice for Irish pokies among Kiwis. From the well-known developer NetEnt comes a 5 reel slot game that is included on many online casinos. This title includes bonus rounds that can be triggered by players combining 3 symbols that match. These bonus rounds give opportunities to win Finn’s big pot of gold in a massive jackpot.

Finn and the Swirly Spin slot game

Being designed and created from a top software provider means the graphics and gameplay are top of the range. This Irish slot supplies comfort to gamers in New Zealand that their experience will be legendary when playing this online Irish slot.

3. Rainbow Riches: Leprechauns Gold

Barcrest has once again impressed online slot players by releasing Rainbow Riches: Leprechauns Gold. This high-quality game offers participants with an inclusive experience, with Irish themed soundtracks and delightful visuals to fully immerse gamers.

Rainbow Riches: Leprechauns Gold slot game

There are several additional bonuses that Barcrest has included within this Irish slot. This online casino title includes a mode called ‘Big Bet’, offering opportunities for instant wins between 1 and 50x the stake players made before beginning the game. Another special feature is that bonus symbols can be attained throughout the game, presenting a unique twist to the slots category.


To summarise, players can have comfort knowing that they are provided with the most creative and immersive games, based on our research, from the 3 top Irish pokies in the list we have supplied above. Having these favourite titles from incredible software providers enables the titles to be user-focused, with both visuals and overall gameplay that recruits repeat players to spend long periods of time on these themed slots.

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